Rob Bosboom Photography

Music Photography of the 60s


During the 1960s Rob Bosboom (Amsterdam, 1940 - Zaandam, 2017) was one of the first Dutch photographers to shoot pictures of the most famous artists of that time. Most of his pictures were used for the covers of music records or for publications in magazines like the Dutch ‘Muziek Express’. During the sixties Rob Bosboom was one of two Dutch photographers specialised in music photography which lead to a very interesting portfolio.

Because of his good relationship with the famous Jimi Hendrix during that time Rob was the only photographer allowed on stage at the Jimi Hendrix concert at AHOY Rotterdam in 1967. That privilege allowed him to shoot a series of very unique pictures during that concert and pictures of Jimi Hendrix in private. One of the most special shots is the one of Jimi Hendrix in the apartment of Ringo Starr in London. Most of the Jimi Hendrix pictures have been part of multiple exhibitions in the Netherlands, the UK and the US over the last years. For more information on exhibitions click the publications and exhibitions’ page.

Rob Bosboom also shot a unique series of photos before and during the legendary Rolling Stones concert at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen that only lasted for 7 minutes until fans climbed the stage and prevented The Stones to play on. Rob was  allowed to shoot multiple pictures of the Rolling Stones from the moment they arrived at the airport until the start of the concert. This privilege lead to unique photos of the Stones at their hotel room and in Scheveningen, The Hague and Amsterdam.

The Rob Bosboom portfolio contains photos of more than 40 different artists. All pictures as shown here are available printed from the original negatives.